You will have some problems using cPanel tools in Internet Explorer

cPanel tools facilitate managing your websites if you use a webhosting service such as Bluehost or SiteGround.

As you know, cPanel provides various useful tools including File Manager, Install WordPress (depending on your webhosting services) and others.

For example, you can install WordPress with ease when using the Install WordPress tool in Bluehost.

Install WordPress in Bluehost

However, I had a problem using the Install WordPress feature; my domain name did not appear in IE.

File Manager is also use handy when deleting or transferring many files. It will take long time to download or upload a lot of files. However, with File Manager, you can compress all files in a single file and uncompress zip compressed files, which will save your time and efforts.

File Manger in cPanel (Bluehost)

However, I encountered an infinite loading screen when I click on "File Manager" in Internet Explorer.

I contacted Bluehost and was told that the tools worked fine. They suggested me to switch my browser to Chrome. Switching my browser to Google Chrome resolved all such problems.

I am using both Bluehost Basic Plan and VPS Plan. In the past, I felt the shared hosting of Bluehost was somewhat unstable and slow. Now, it seems that it has been more stable in its shared hosting (i.e. Basic Plan.) This blog is hosted by Bluehost VPS plan, and one of my personal blog by Basic Plan.

(iPage also offers cheap and stable service. But it may not be appropriate for a site using a heavy WordPress theme. Another blog is hosted by iPage WP Essential Plan.)

If you want more stable and better performance, VPS will be more desirable. However, if you run your personal blogs or need a webhosting server which offers vast disk space for media files, shared hosting will be fine.

If you sign up for Bluehost's webhosting service by clicking on the referral links included in this post or the following banner, you can use it starting from as low as USD2.95/month (with 1 dollar off per month) and I will get some commission. However, I do not suggest BH just for commission; I have been running and managing WordPress websites from several web hosting companies including SiteGround and Bluehost for more than 6 years. If you are looking for a cheap and cost-effective web hosting service, Bluehost's Shared Hosting will be an option to consider.

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