WordPress site not working after updating the Newspaper theme

Yesterday, the Newspaper theme for WordPress has been updated to version 9.7.3. However, my site has been broken after updating the Newspaper theme to the latest version.

I talked to the Newspaper theme developer and I could resolve the issue. What I did was to remove the child theme and then reinstalled the child theme from the scratch.

When you download the installation file from Themeforest's Download page, you can find the Newspaper-child folder:

WordPress Newspaper theme child theme folder

I removed the existing child theme folder and uploaded the Newspaper-child folder onto my webhosting server under /wp-content/plugins/.

And then, I copied and pasted the codes from the existing child theme's files such as functions.php and style.css.

In the updated version, some files moved from the theme to the tagDiv Composer. For this reason, existing child theme might now work properly.

If you have problems after updating the Newspaper theme, you might consider to recreate the child theme (if you have one.)

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