WordPress Popup plugin which supports multiple pop-ups

The WordPress Plugin "Popups - WordPress Popup" supports more than one pop-ups.
Popups - WordPress Popup

After you install and activate the "Popups - WordPress Popup" plugin, a new item named "Popups" will appear in the WordPress Dashboard.
Popups Dashboard menu
Please create a new pop-up by clicking "Add New". If you create several pop-ups, you need to specify the box position for each pop-up in order not to be overlapped.
Popup Plugin Settings - Display Options
The "Box Position" option can be set under the section "Display Options."
Popup-Box Position
You can also set other options including "Cookie expiration days."

In addition, under the section "Appearance," you can specify the background color, the border color an other settings related to the appearance of the pop-up.
Popup - Appearance

The following examples shows two pop-ups:

워드프레스 팝업 플러그인을 사용하여 상단 오른쪽과 상단 왼쪽에 각각 팝업창을 배치한 모습
워드프레스 팝업 플러그인을 사용하여 상단 오른쪽과 상단 왼쪽에 각각 팝업창을 배치한 모습

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