Why I switched the WordPress theme from Publisher to Newspaper

I recently changed the theme for this WordPress blog from Publisher to Newspaper. The main reason I switched the theme was due to the delay in update and many bugs in Publisher and its plugins.

Publisher has flexible pricing plans and offers many demos and premium plugins:

WordPress Publisher theme
Publisher's Pricing info

About 20 premium plugins are included in the WordPress Publisher theme. However, I found many bugs in some of them. For example, when using Better Disqus Comments Pro, some comments were missing and did not appear in the comment section. I used Google Search plugin by Betterstudio for months without error, but it suddenly stopped working. I just checked the list of plugins included in Publisher and found this plugin has been removed from the list.

I have five licenses of this theme but now I removed it from all WordPress sites.

WordPress Publisher theme

Betterstudio is planning to update the theme to version 7.6. However, the testing is under way for over 2 months.

WordPress Publisher testing

I am not sure the final version will be released by the end of this month. Whenever Publisher is updated, more features and plugins are included in the update. But I felt the performance also has been deteriorated while features have increased.

WordPress Newspaper theme

In order to operate my WordPress sites stably, I chose Newspaper by tagDiv. Now I have been freed from various bugs and delay in update. If you consider Publisher, I do not want to suggest it. Aside from update issue and bugs, it's not easy to get support from Betterstudio.

Betterstudio support

It may take up to 36 hours to get support. If you receive a message in the support forum, Betterstudio may request more info or credentials to access your site, then you need additional time (up to 36 hours again) to resolve your issue.

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