Simple Text Highlighter Shortcode Plugin for WordPress

Simple Text Highlighter Shortcode Plugin for WordPress is a lightweight plugin which enables users to use a shortcode to highlight text in WordPress.

How to install:

  • Extract the zip file and upload the folder to your plugin folder (.../wp-content/plugins/)
  • Or you can add this plugin by going to "Plugin" -> "Add Plugins." And then please click "Upload Plugin."
  • Please copy the code at this article and paste it into your theme's function file (I recommend you that you install the child theme.)

How to use:

You can highlight text with the shortcodes {high} and {/high}. (Please replace {...} with [...])

Examples (Please replace {...} with [...]):

{high}Your text{/high} -> highlights your text in yellow by default

{high color="red" bg="blue"}Your text{/high} -> highlights your text in blue and set text-color to red

{high bg="grey" color="white" size="20px"  left="5px"} -> Background color: grey, Text-color: white, Text-size: 20px, Padding-left: 5px

Supported parameters:

  • bg = background-color
  • color = text-color
  • size = text-size
  • left = padding-left
  • right = padding-right
  • top = padding-top
  • bottom = padding-bottom

It's very simple shortcode and should work in any environment. If any bugs, please let me know.

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