SDL Trados 2007 or lower: "(80001) Translator's Workbench Error: The server threw an exception."

If you encounter the following error message while using Trados 2007 or lower:

(80001)  Translator's Workbench Error:  The server threw an exception.

you might resolve this error by trying the following methods:

  1. Perform "TM Organization"
  2. Register SDL Trados (if you have not done it before)
  3. Correct corrupted TM (see below)
  4. Try to use CodeZapper (if you use Tag Editor to translate Word files)

If you have not registered SDL Trados, you can do it by selecting  "Start -> All Programs -> SDL International -> SDL Trados 2007 -> Trados -> Register SDL Trados 2007."

If this method does not work, your TM might have been corrupt. In this case, try to reorganize your TM by selecting "File -> Reorganise" under SDL Trados Translator's Workbench.

Or you can try to correct the corrupt TM (Please refer to this page):

  1. Export the TM to a TXT file.
  2. Open the TXT file in Notepad and delete the entire "RTF Preamble" section leaving only the opening tag and closing tag in place.
  3. Save the TXT file.
  4. Create a new TM using the same language pair.
  5. Import newly modified TXT file to new TM.

If you frequently translate Word files (including rtf format,) "CodeZapper" will be very useful. This is a powerful, easy to use set of Word VBA macros designed to “clean up” Word files before being imported into a standalone translation environment (DVX, memoQ, SDL Studio, TagEditor, Swordfish, OmegaT, Wordfast Pro, etc.). Whenever an error occurred during using Tag Editor to translate MS Word files, CodeZapper was very useful to solve it.

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