Reliable Multilingual Translation Services

In the past, I worked for a translation agency in South Korea for about ten years. Sometimes, Korean companied wanted to translate documents from Korean to several languages which were unfamiliar including Indonesian, Sri Lankan and Arabic as well as familiar languages such as English, Chinese and Japanese.

I hired local agencies for such languages. However, it's not easy to check the quality of the translations.

There are many translation agencies and it may not be easy to choose an appropriate agency. If then, you might consider the ICanLocalize services. The ICanLocalize services is run by the same company that made and sells WPML, the famous multilingual plugin for WordPress.

Multilingual WordPress

ICanLocalize hires many professional freelancing translators for each language. And they let the clients evaluate the translators they used. Therefore, you can check the reviews and star ratings of other clients when choosing translators.

It's possible to invite specific translator after checking the reviews and the star ratings of other clients.

According to ICanLocalize:

Enjoy the peace of mind of working in a safe environment with responsible translators you can trust.

  • All professional certified translators
  • All translators write in their native languages
  • Rating system based on QA results and client feedback
  • A wide range of translator expertise
  • You choose the translators for your projects

There are more than 2000 translators in ICanLocalize, translating between over 45 languages.

I have worked for ICanLocalize for yeast. However, I have sometimes used ICanLocalize to translate to some European languages such as Danish and Croatian because I myself know that the ICanLocalize service is reliable and relatively cheap.

I think it would be safe to translate English documents to other languages. If possible, it's recommended that you should translate the documents into English first, and then to the desired languages for best possible quality.