[Quform] How to redirect to another page or a custom page after submission

Quform, a premium WordPress contact form plugin, has been updated to version 2 and many improvements have been made.

Quform v2:

  • Mobile friendly web forms
  • New and improved interface
  • Extremely adaptable styling
  • Plus many more new features

Most especially, now multi-pages are supported in Quform. So users can submit a form step by step by filling each page.

Quform also offers an option to disable third-party scripts. It's possible to disable unnecessary third-part scripts for higher performance.

If you want to change the confirmation message or to redirect to a custom page after submitting the form, please go to WordPress Admin > Forms > Forms. And then select the form to edit.

Please select the Settings icon (indicated) and then the Confirmations tab.

Now click the Settings icons on the right of Default confirmation.

The Confirmation settings page appears, where you can choose the following options under the Type field:

  • Display a message
  • Display a message then redirect to another page
  • Display a message then redirect to custom URL
  • Redirect to another page
  • Redirect to a custom URL
  • Reload the page

If you want to redirect users to another page, you can choose "Redirect to another page." When you choosing the "Redirect to custom URL" option, you can specify the custom URL.

In the Query string field, you can add extra data to the redirect URL, for example: name={element|id=3|Name}&email={element|id:4|Email}.

For more information, please visit the Quform plugin site.

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