Newspaper adopted a new page builder in the latest update

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Newspaper adopted a new page builder in its new version 8

Newspaper, the most popular magazine layout theme, has been updated to version 8.

In Newspaper 8, a new page builder named tagDiv Composer has been introduced. tagDiv is the first page builder ever created for blogs, news and magazine websites. This page builder is much lighter than Visual Composer and it’s much easier to use.

If you update to Newspaper 8, you are prompted to tagDiv Composer.

Although you deactivate VC after installing and activating tagDiv Composer.

In addition, the following demos have been added .

  • Lifestyle Magazine demo
  • Gadgets demo
  • Craft ideas demo
  • Business Magazine demo
  • Book Club demo
  • Architecture Blog demo
  • Retro Wave demo
  • Fitness blog demo
  • Voice Report demo
  • Art Creek demo
  • Sound Radar demo
  • Church Mag demo
  • Old Fashioned demo
  • Photo Folio demo

The new version also fully supports PHP 7.1.

If you feel your WordPress site is slow due to Visual Composer, you can deactivate it after updating Newspaper to the latest version.

Please refer to this page for more information on Newspaper 8.

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