Netflix's Kingdom - A Worldwide Dubbing Version Special Highlight Video

Netflix Korea released a special highlight trailer, "Kingdom - A Worldwide Dubbing Version", a mixture of different languages in a short video.

Kingdom has been released in 190 countries in 27 languages and supported 12 languages in voice.

Kingdom on Netflix official poster

This month Kingdom season 2 has been cranked in. Netflix announced that Season 2 release date will be in 2020. I think we will meet the season 2 of Kingdom in early 2020 (or in late 2019 if earlier.)

Joo Ji-hoon, who played Crown Prince Yi-Chang on Netflix, currently stars in MBC's newly premiered drama "The ITEM."

Kingdom is set in the real-life Joseon dynasty (1392-1897). The costume design of this Korean TV series is based on real Joseon era's fashion.

You can identify their level of social class by their hats on their heads. Most especially, there were really many hats for men in Joseon era.