Limits for sending emails in Bluehost

A blogger, who uses Bluehost Shared Hosting, wanted to know if it's possible to send newsletters to more than 4,000 subscribers.

According to Bluehost, there is no sending email limitation on VPS platform.

In shared hosting you can send 150 emails/hour. It can be increased up to 750 emails/hour depending on the packages.

Then, what if a Shared Hosting user purchaes a dedicated IP (which costs USD2.5/mo)? Unfortunately, the limitation will not changes after changing dedicated IP address in shared hosting.

Also, you can purchase Constant Contact which is third party Email Marketing system as an alternative method. However, it's not cheap:

0-500 Contacts: $0.00 *
501-2500 Contacts: $35.00
2501-5000 Contacts: $55.00
5001-10000 Contacts: $85.00
10001+ Contacts: $195.00
starting at only: $0.00/mo (normally $20.00)
* free for the first three months on the 0-500 plan only - offer ends December 31, 2018

After all, Bluehost VPS will be a reasonable choice if you need to send lots of emails from your system.

Just for your reference, you can send 400 email per hour to 40 recipients per email when using Siteground Shared Hosting plans.

If you purchase a web-hosting service (from Bluehost or SiteGround) by clicking the referral links in this post, I will get some commission. However, I do not recommend a specific service provider just for commission. I’ve been using different web-hosting services including Siteground and Bluehost to run WordPress sites for years.

Most especially, if you sign up for Bluehost's Shared Hosting plan by clicking on the following banner, you can get USD1 discount per month.

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