Keyboard Shortcuts Customization for SDL Trados 2011

I normally use my laptop and found it's difficult to press some keyboard shortcuts with certain keys such as "Ins" or "Home" while translating in SDL Trados. In this case, it's convenient to use custom keyboard shortcuts. It's very easy to customize keyboard shortcuts in SDL Trados 2011.

To customize keyboard shortcuts:

1. In SDL Trados, go to Tools > Options.

2. In the "Keyboard Shortcuts" section under the "Options" dialogue, you can reassign keyboard combinations as you wish.

Keyboard shortcuts Customization -- SDL Trados Studio 2011
Keyboard shortcuts Customization -- SDL Trados Studio 2011

For example, if you want to change the shortcut for "Copy Source Target" (whose default keyboard shortcut is [Ctrl+Ins or Alt+Ins,] you can just select the cell and press your keyboard combination (such as [Ctrl+Alt+A] in the figure above.)

Or, you can also change the keyboard shorts for Trados using AutoHotkey. For example, the following short AutoHotkey code snippet will have the same effect:

^!a::Send, ^{Insert}

I prefer using AutoHotkey because I can also customize keyboard shortcuts for other CAT applications such as Deja Vu consistently.

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