'Invalid token' message when you try to register the Avada WordPress theme

Invalid token in Avada

After updating to Avada 5.0 from 4.0.x and try to register the product by entering Envato token, the following message may appear in some cases:

Invalid token, or corresponding Envato account does not have Avada purchased.

I got the above message after updating to Avada 5.0. I asked Avada support to resolve this issue, but Avada said, "This should not happen, can you please fill in a ticket with the complete details of your site so our support representatives can look into this for you. Click Here To Create An Account & Get Avada Support."

Unfortunately, my support has been expired and I could not create a ticket for this issue.

In this case, you need to create a new token by clicking the "Generate A Personal Token" link shown in the figure above. Please note that the old Envato API key (used for Avada 4.0.x) does not work. When you click on "General A Personal Token", the following screen appears:

아바다 토큰 생성

When you click "Create Token", the token for Avada registration will be created.

아바다 인증

You need to store the key safely because Envato will not store it for security reasons.

I feel Avada 5.0 is faster than the older version. In the newer version, the Fusion Builder has been re-built to enhance the performance.

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