How to use free Divi Layout Packs for your WordPress projects

As a part of Divi Design Initiative, Elegant Themes has released brand new FREE Divi layout packs every week. The layout packs can be downloaded from the Elegant Themes Blog every Monday.

Recently, the following free Divi layout packs have been released:

The following YouTube video, titled "10 Steps to Using a New Divi Layout Pack for your Next Project", shows how to use Divi Layout Packs for your projects:

This video suggests the following 10 steps to using a new Divi Layout Pack for your project:

  1. Import the layouts to your Divi Library First
  2. Add Layouts to New Pages
  3. Create your primary menu
  4. Set your Default Color Palette
  5. Set your Global Accent Color
  6. Style your Header
  7. Style your Bottom Bar
  8. Use shortcuts to Make Design Changes to your Page Layout
  9. Save Key Elements to Build New Pages or Posts
  10. Set Global Items

You can find more information on Divi by visiting the Elegant Themes website.

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