How to spell check TagEditor & SDL Trados Studio files

1. TagEditor

In SDL Trados 2007 TagEditor, spell checker can be selected by going to Tools > Plug-ins. You can choose from three options: Winter Tree Spelling Checker, Microsoft Word Spelling Checker 2.0 and Word Spelling Checker (See Figure 1.) Since I have MS Word installed on my system, I chose "Word Spelling Checker" it worked well.

Figure 1 - Spell Checker in TagEditor

If the spell-check feature does not work for some reasons, you can convert the translated ttx files to Excel spreadsheets by using the following method:

  1. Run "SDLX."
  2. Click "Exchange" (See Figure 2.)
  3. Choose the documents (ttx files) to process by clicking "Add" and selecting a folder or ttx files.
  4. Convert TTX to SDLX.
  5. In "SDLX" screen, run "Utilities" (See Figure 2.)
  6. Choose the documents (SDLX files converted from ttx files) to process by clicking "Add."
  7. Export to Excel.

Now you can perform spell-check using Excel files.

Figure 2. SDL Utilities
Figure 2. SDL Utilities

2. SDL Trados Studio

In my system, Korean spell checker would not work in SDL Trados Studio 2009. But, it works well in SDL Trados Studio 2011.

To select spell checker in SDL Trados Studio 2011:

  1. Go to Tools > Options.
  2. Select "Spelling," under "Editor."
  3. At the "Active Spell Checker" field, you can choose your preferred spell checker.

I chose "MS Word Spell Checker."

Figure 3. Spell Checker in SDL Trados Studio 2011

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