How to save a file listing into a text file

There are several ways to save a file listing into a text file.

1) The simplest method is to add a registry key to the registry.

Save the List of Files as a text file

Executing a simple reg file creates a context menu "Save Files List" as shown above.

You can download the reg files at the following links:

  • Save the list of files as a text file : download
  • Remove the above reg from the registry: download
  • Save the list of folders only as a text file : download
  • Remove the above reg file from the registry: download

After you click the reg files, the context menus will be created if you right click a folder. But, you need to change the Korean characters to English ones in the reg files. For example, in the reg file for creating the list files, the Korean characters in red must be changed to your language (for example, 'Save files list'):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="파일 리스트 저장하기"

@="cmd /c dir \"%1\" /b /a:-d /o:n > \"%1.txt\""

Now, right clicking a folder and selecting "Save Files List" will produce a text file with the list of files under that folder. (For non-Latin characters excluding Korean, the characters might be corrupt in the list file. Please refer to

2) You can use Command  Line script in Windows to create the list of files and folders. The following command will generate the list.

dir /b/s > filename_for_a_listing.txt

Comand Line Script

3) There is also an application which generates the list of files or folders. One of them is FolderView. With this application, you can print file listings. (However, it seems that the developer does not update  FolderView any more. As far as I know, this application has not been updated for almost ten years.)

4) In Linux, it's very simple. Typing "ls >> filename.txt" will produce the list of files (including directories.)

how to save a file listing into a text file

You can choose one as you wish to print a file listing. For large translation projects with lots of files (e.g. more than 100 files,) the above methods will easily create a file listing, which will help you process the job more efficiently.

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  1. Hi. I tried to save the reg files to my computer. But I failed. I think it's because the filenames contain Korean characters. Can you change the filenames and send them to me via email?

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