How to create a new FTP account in Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost offers cPanel interface, which enables users to create new FTP accounts with ease.

If someone needs to access your site through FTP, it's reasonable to provide him with a temporary FTP account rather than your primary FTP account.

In order to create a new FTP account in Bluehost, please log into BH and then click on Advanced on the left. And then enter 'ftp' in the search field.

Bluehost FTP account

Click on the FTP Accounts icon under Files. In the old cPanel interface, you can access FTP Manger in cPanel.

Create an FTP account in Bluehost

Now you can add a new FTP account:

Add a new FTP account in Bluehost

You can specify the directory which can be accessed with the new FTP account.

If you have a problem accessing FTP, please refer to the following:

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