How to access the database using phpMyAdmin in SiteGround (with the new Site Tools)

SiteGround launched new Client Area and Site Tools last year. Built using REACT as a single-page application, the new Client Area is faster to work with and totally mobile-friendly. To access the database in the new Site Tools, you can phpMyAdmin.

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How to access phpMyAdmin in the new Site Tools

Once you logged into SiteGround, click on Websites on the navigation menu to access My Websites page. The list of your websites will appear. Click on the Site Tools button to access Site Tools.

Access Site Tools in SiteGround one of world's largest web hosting services

On the left panel, select Site > MySQL to access the MySQL Manager tool. Click on the PHPMYADMIN tab.

Access the database via phpMyAdmin in SiteGround

The Access phpMyAdmin section appears. Click on the ACCESS PHPMYADMIN button.

Access phpMyAdmin in SiteGround webhosting services

Now you can access the phpMyAdmin web interface.

phpMyAdmin web interface in the new Site Tools

In the cPanel interface, all databases are shown on the left panel in the phpMyAdmin screen. However, in the Site Tools, only the DBs related to the specific website can be accessed.

Most existing users will still access phpMyAdmin via cPanel.

Access phpMyAdmin via cPanel

SiteGround launched two new data center locations

SiteGround recently launched two new data center locations: Sydney, Australia and Frankfurt, Germany. This web hosting company uses the following data center locations as well as these two new data center locations:

  • Chicago, USA
  • Iowa, USA
  • London, UK
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Eemshaven, Netherlands
  • Singapore, Singapore

Also, SiteGround moved their infrastructure to Google Cloud and upgraded to 40% faster processors for all our servers.

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