Get a Free YouTube Profile Picture, Avatar or Caricature of Yourself from a Korean Cartoonist

YouTube is not a powerful social media marketing tool. Do you own a YouTube channel and want your profile picture for YouTube? Or, do you need an avatar for your profile image or other purpose? Of course, there are some free YouTube profile picture makers or free avatar makers online. But, what if an eperienced cartoonist draws your cartoon avatar?

If you send your picture to Sangdolee, he will draw a caricature of you for free. He said he's drawn pictures for free for more than 18 years.

You can ask him to draw a profile image or an avatar of yourself or your loved one. Please refer to the following figure for the email address of Sangdolee:

The cartoonist draws one free profile image per day. Therefore, if you watch some his YouTube videos, leave some comments on them and subscribe his channel, you are more likely to be chosen.

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