FTP access error in Bluehost's shared hosting

Bluehost FTP access error

Recently, I had a problem in accessing Bluehost FTP server due to a time-out error. I had to contact Bluehost Support via Live Chat. They instructed me to follow the following steps:

Please connect FTP using below details:

1) Open FileZilla

2) At the top left of FileZilla, select File > Site Manager

3) Within the site manager, enter in the following:

User: cpanel username (xxxxxxx) or ftp username

Pass: cpanel or ftp password

4) There is a dropdown labeled “Encryption”. Select “Only Use Plain FTP (insecure)”.

5) Press “Connect”

I followed the instructions and I could access FTP server without failure.

Bluehost FTP server accessYour IP address can be found by going to hosting > manage ips.

Bluehost IP address

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