Find a string in multiple files

I sometimes handle big translation projects involving lots of files (in some cases, more than 100 files.) During translation, I frequently need to search a specific word string. It isn't an easy thing to open each file and find a word or string. Moreover, this way is far from efficiency. EmEditor enables me to search multiple files for a matching word.

EmEditor is a fast, lightweight, yet extendable, easy-to-use text editor for Windows.

Using the "Find in Files," you can find specific keywords very fast and easily.

EmEditor_Find in Files

If you click "Search > Find in Files," the Find in Files dialog box appears.

Find in Files Dialogue

The Find in Files dialog box has some useful options including "regular expressions." It's very handy when searching multiple files for a specific word or string.

With EmEditor, it's possible to search text-based files including TTX, sdlxliff and html files.

Find in Files - File Types

However, it doesn't work for non-text based formats such as MS Word and MS Excel. "grep" can be used to search such formats as well as text-based files.

For example, in Linux, the following command will search any files containing the word "abcd" under /home/ directory including all sub-directories:

grep -e abcd /home/ -R

The following command, which uses regular expressions, outputs all lines which start with the letter 'n':

grep '^n' datafile

For "grep for Windows," please refer to this web-site.

There are also GUI grep applications such as Power GREP. PowerGREP is a powerful Windows grep tool. But it's not free. For more information on this application, please visit this web-site.

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