Do you use a correct Korean translator?

Recently, I had unpleasant experience. For a new client, I translated a short document. However, the client raised a claim against my translation. He sent me the edited version, which made me embarrassed. The translation was edited by a Chinese-Korean translator.

The language used by Chinese-Koreans is different from the one used in South Korea in many aspects. Therefore, the documents translated by Chinese Korean translators will negatively affect your business in South Korea.

Many Chinse-Korean translators claim that they are native Koreans and offer Korean language related services with low price. However, you will soon be disappointed at the quality of services provided by them even if they provide services with competitive price.

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Do you want a professional Korean translator? I have translated English documents in various fields into Korean for over 18 years.


  • Have good knowledge of computers and can use Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools including SDL Trados Studio;
  • Have participated in various localization projects (Localization of Sun Microsystems' manuals, Web-site localization of Oracle site and others);
  • More than 18 years of experience as an in-house/free-lance translator/Trados trainer, editor and proof-reader;
  • Results-oriented, highly self-motivated and success-driven. Strong responsibility, comprehensive approach, managerial skills. Sociable, reliable, supportive.

If you have any inquiry, feel free to contact me using this online Inquiry Form.

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