Divi AI Layouts: Generate Entire Pages Instantly with Simple Prompts

As artificial intelligence (AI) progresses, the WordPress industry is also actively adopting AI technologies. Elementor has introduced Elementor AI to maximize the convenience and efficiency of site creation. The first company to adopt AI in this field was Elegant Themes, the developers of the Divi theme. They pioneered the use of Divi AI, introducing features that allow for the creation, editing, and enhancement of text and images through simple prompts. Later, they expanded its capabilities with Code AI, enabling coding as well.

Now, they have added Divi Layouts AI, which allows for the generation of full page layouts from simple prompts, significantly simplifying the website construction process.

Divi AI Layouts: Generate Entire Pages Instantly with Simple Prompts

Divi AI Layouts: Generate Entire Pages Instantly with Simple Prompts

Divi Theme vs. Avada Theme

Divi is one of the most widely used premium themes in the market. It boasts a similar sales volume to Avada but offers the ability to install on an unlimited number of sites during its license period (either one year or lifetime), which makes it far superior in terms of installation numbers compared to Avada's one-site per license policy.

Divi AI Layouts: Generate Entire Pages Instantly with Simple Prompts

Elegant Themes’ Divi has recorded sales of over 974,872 copies, marking it as a best-selling multipurpose theme along with Avada. While both themes offer similar functionalities, Avada might be a more economical option for managing 1-2 sites due to its one-site per license policy. However, Divi allows unlimited installations across sites during the license term (annual or lifetime), making it a cost-effective choice for managing multiple sites, or for web agencies and designers.

LicensesSingle site installation
6 month support included
Unlimited site installations
1 year or lifetime support included (depending on plans)
PriceAnnual: $89, Lifetime: $249연간 라이선스(매년 갱신): 연간 89달러
- 무제한 사이트에 설치 가능
- 1년 지원 및 업데이트

평생 라이선스: 249달러 (1회 결제)
- 무제한 사이트에 설치 가능
- 평생 지원 및 업데이트
Features- Launched as the first multipurpose theme
- Suitable for everyone from beginners lacking coding knowledge to experts
- Features layout capabilities allowing for customization from header to footer (including WooCommerce)
Equipped with numerous functionalities
- Offers detailed theme options
Potential for slow performance if site optimization is not properly implemented
- Includes a proprietary page builder known as Avada Builder
- Bundles with premium plugins such as Slider Revolution
- Images included in the demo are only for demonstration purposes and cannot be used on actual sites.
- Popular for its simple yet powerful multipurpose theme
- First to introduce a Theme Builder feature, allowing for full-site customization from header to footer (including WooCommerce)
- Nearly unique among WordPress themes and builders for its front-end, full-site editing capabilities
- Adds new layout packs weekly, facilitating easy page creation using layout designs
- Features its own page builder, Divi Builder
- Allows use of all other Elegant Themes premium plugins, including Bloom
- Permits use of images from layout packs on both personal and commercial sites.

* As of April 19, 2024.

For more detailed information about Divi, visit Elegant Themes' official site. And for more information about Avada, please visit Avada Themes' sales site.

Introducing Divi AI Layouts: Generate Full Page Layouts with a Single Prompt

With Divi AI, you can easily create, modify, and enhance text and images, and even code in JavaScript and CSS. Now, with the addition of Divi Layouts AI, you can generate entire layouts from a simple prompt.

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance, the web industry can also leverage AI to reduce work hours and effort, thus enhancing productivity.

Divi AI is anticipated to be a useful tool for designers, developers, and copywriters in their professional tasks.

While the rise of AI has threatened many jobs, it also presents an opportunity to stay competitive if utilized effectively.

For more information about Divi Layouts AI, visit the Elegant Themes website.

Divi Layouts AI Launch Celebration Sale

Elegant Themes is currently offering a limited-time discount to celebrate the launch of Divi Layouts AI.

For more details, please visit here.

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