[Avada] How to change the image rollover color in Portfolio

You might want to change the color of rollover in Portfolio images when using Avada, the best-selling WordPress theme.

To change the image rolloever color, please go to Avada > Theme Options > Extra > Featured Image Rollover panel.

Please find the following options:

  • Image Rollover Gradient Top Color
  • Image Rolloever Gradient Bottom Color

You can change the gradient color by selecting these two different colors. Please note that this is a global option and will affect all rollovers.

Avada offer really lots of themes options which enable even beginners without coding knowledge can create sites with ease, which is good for both beginners and advanced users. Personally, I prefer Enfold and Divi themes since they are clean and performance is relatively is satisfactory.

If Avada Theme Options or Fusion Builder does not work properly, please refer to the following:

Avada Theme Options or Fusion Builder not working properly

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