9 Problems with WordPress You Didn’t Know about and How to Fix Them

More than 40 years ago a talented woman called Marva Collins did something fantastic. In a word, she spent a mint of money from her teacher’s retirement to establish a private Website Preparatory School. One day Marva said: ‘Success doesn’t come to you. You go to it.’ Without a doubt, these simple but powerful words explain a lot. Living in the age of the smartphones, automatic cars, ready-made food and other privileges, we literally got used to it. Therefore, today there are so many people that prefer to waste big money on something they don’t really know how to work with. What is more, we can see such tendency even with the small events or things. Unfortunately, website creation is one of them. Needless to say, it is hard to manage a bodacious online project when you are a beginner… Still, we believe that the secret of success is constancy to purpose. That is why, in this article, we will tell you how to resolve the most common issues. For these simple reasons, we choose a qualitative and well-liked platform. To make a long story short, this post tells you about 9 problems with WordPress you didn’t know about. Let’s figure out how to fix them together!

problems with wordress

Undeniably, these days best themes for wordpress is one of the most preferable tools people work with to construct their sites. Basically, it provides everything one may need for their business, creative or personal online project. That is why now the 3rd part of all the websites was made with the help of the platform. On the other hand, even the most winning and popular things have their pros and cons. Without a doubt, you already know a lot of WordPress benefits, so here we are going to talk about its minuses. Would you like to set up a bubbly online project to showcase your art all over the globe? Maybe, you are going to launch a web agency with the event planner WordPress theme or simply create a beautiful landing page… Anyway, you need to know all the problems you may face during the website building. Thus, let’s move to the 1st point!

What Should You Do if You Have Lost the Credentials to Your WordPress Site?

At the outset, everyone knows that a password and the username are the things you should always remember about. Thus, some of us note them but usually people prefer just to keep the credentials in their minds. This is an understandable behavior because you can easily lose a notebook with your login information. So, someone will just use it and login into your admin panel. As it has already been said, website owners prefer to remind their credentials but what should you do in case you have lost this info? In this case, the most obvious solution is to recover a pass using your official email. Still, there are the situations when your recovery email is not working. It could be just hacked or something. In the end, it does not work and what should you do then? Here is the first problem you may face while working with WordPress.

Needless to say, you don’t want to run a new online project. To say more, you also don’t want to lose a mint or money paying someone for hacking your own site. Luckily, there is a solution for you! The thing is that one can simply reset their puss inside the database with the help of PhpMyAdmin. Here is a small step-by-step guide for you.

  • First of all, go to your website’s database.
  • Secondly, find ‘wp_users’ table.
  • Thirdly, find your username in the column called ‘user_login’
  • Then click on ‘edit’.
  • Next, you will see your ‘user_pass’, which looks like Jabberwocky.
  • Just delete it and enter a new pass.
  • Finally, open your dropdown menu, go to the ‘function’ and set it to MD5.

As soon as you save all the changes, your pass will be reset. Now you can enter your WordPress site effortlessly.

About JPEG Compression for WordPress Websites

As you may know, by default, each of your images that have JPEG format will be rendered at 90 % quality. Actually, 90 % is not that bad. It is almost 100 %, so… Still, let’s imagine that you are a professional photographer. In this case you may want your pictures to be as qualitative as possible. Seeing that, what can you do? The solution is simple because WordPress has pretty flexible settings. Thus, you just need to consider the compression level back to full quality. In order to do it we suggest you do the next steps:

  • Find your functions.php file.
  • Then add the code from the screenshot below to the file.

problems with wordress

Done! Now your images will look eye-catching and truly qualitative.
What Should You Do When There Is Something Wrong with the Database?
To continue, an error ‘database needs to be repaired’ is another problem with WordPress you may meet one day. We hope it will never happen to you but God saves those who help themselves. Thus, let’s imagine that there are some problems with the database. As a result, you see various errors and the messages saying that your database should be repaired. What can you do with it?

  • Firstly, go to thisisyourwebsitename.com/wp-admin.
  • Secondly, add the line from the screenshot below to wp-config.php. This action will enable the feature, so don’t be afraid!
  • Thirdly, go to http://www.thisisyourwebsitename.com/wp-admin/repair.php. It will start the process.

problems with wordress

To finish with, don’t forget to remove the line from wp-config.php as soon as all the actions were done. If you will not do it, others can get the access to this functions and nobody wants it.

What Should You Do with the Missing Images?

As you may know, the missing images make another common problem that may happen to your WordPress-based online project. Without a doubt, you have seen it at least once while visiting different blogs. To avoid this issue, let’s imagine that you want to view out your recent post, (which, obviously, still exists) open the page and… Here is an error 404 saying ‘hi’ to you. What does it mean and what should you do? Undeniably, you don’t want to create a new post losing all the views and comments. Fortunately, you can easily resolve this issue!
Basically, we propose you 2 solutions. According to the statistics, the missing images problem happens thanks to faulty rewrite rules. For these simple reasons, the only thing you need to do in order to have your images back is to resave your permalink. Just go to your settings and find ‘Permalinks’ theme. It will flush the .htaccess file. Still, sometimes it is not enough and that is why we have one more tip for you.

  • Go to your roots directory.
  • Find there .htaccess.
  • Simply open it and add the code lined from the screenshot below.

problems with wordress

About the Thumbnails

It is not a secret that WordPress uses many thumbnails. What is more, sometimes you can literally find them all around your WordPress website. It could be in the footer, below your post, next to your post, etc. Furthermore, changing the theme will not help because the setting of thumbnails will simply change with it. To make a long story short, the previously generated thumbnails will not disappear. So how can you generate the old thumbnails according to the new settings? These days you can find a lot of tools for WP, so there are the plugins (like ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’) that will help you to do it with no effort.

About 500 Internal Server Error and How to Fix It

The next popular error that can happen to your WordPress website is called ‘500 Internal Server Error’. What does it mean? In a word, the mentioned error says that there is something wrong but the server can’t understand what exactly. Needless to say, if you can’t identify the problem you can’t find a solution. So, what should you do? To make things easier, we have prepared for you 5 variants. These are the most well-liked solutions that usually work. Let’s see them!

1st Way to Fix 500 Internal Server Error for Your WordPress Website

Basically, the first thing you should do to fix this problem with your WordPress website is to check .htaccess file. Yep, here we go again! The thing is that this file contains various directives for the server. You already know what ‘Permalinks’ is for. Actually, it can be corrupted, so follow the next steps.

  • To begin with, you need to access your server with the help of FTP.
  • Then find .htaccess file in the root directory.
  • The next thing you need to do is to rename your file. Usually, people rename it to .htaccess_old but here you can show all your creativity.
  • Simply reload your WordPress website.

Does it work? In this case, don’t forget to login into your website. Then save your permalink structure to generate a new file. By the way, don’t worry if you can’t find your .htaccess file. By default, it is hidden, so just enable ‘force show hidden files’.
2nd Way to Fix 500 Internal Server Error for Your WordPress Website

On the other hand, Internal Server error can be related to the lack of memory. That is why we suggest you increase the PHP memory limit to fix this problem with your WordPress website. Sometimes hosts do not allow their users to increase their memory limits, so ask them first if you can do it. Still, when it is allowed, just follow the next 2 steps. By tradition, you can do it inside wp-config.php. For these reasons:

  • As it was with the previous file, open wp-config.php using FTP.
  • Then add the line from the screen below

To finish with, don’t forget that you can also increase the limit of your memory to 128 MB and even 256 MB.

3rd Way to Fix 500 Internal Server Error for Your WordPress Website

Still have the problem? Another thing that can influence ‘500 Internal Server Error’ is the plugin incompatibility. Therefore, you can easily resolve the issue with your WordPress online project by deactivating all the plugins. As soon as all your plugins are deactivated, start reactivating them one by one. This easy trick will quickly help you to figure out the problem. There is one more thing to be mentioned. In case you are not able to access your admin area, don’t panic. You still may deactivate the plugins!

  • To do it go to wp-content via FTP.
  • Just rename the plugin folder.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated! Furthermore, there is another way to fix the problem if this tip will not help. Given these points, do not lose hope. In the end, you will understand that the devil is not as black as he is painted.

4th Way to Fix 500 Internal Server Error for Your WordPress Website

What is more, WordPress core files can be the next reason, which causes Internal Server error. Especially, it comes if the files were corrupted. To fix this problem we recommend you to download the newest version of WP. With it, delete your wp-admin and wp-includes folders to replace them with the new ones. You may think that you will lose all the existing content of your WordPress website but don’t panic, as all the content will stay where it is.

5th Way to Fix 500 Internal Server Error for Your WordPress Website

Needless to say, this point is so predictable but talking to your host is the best thing you can do in case the proposed variants will not help. All in all, the issue can be on the side of your provider, so contact them and ask for help.

Why There Is No Backup?

Let’s forget about all these errors! Finally, it is time to talk about the options WordPress provides its users with. Honestly speaking, there are so many things you can get choosing the WordPress themes for your website. For example, there is SEO integration or a responsive design that looks eye-pleasing in any browser and works fantastic on any device. Still, the there are the things WP misses. As you can see from the name of this point, one of such things is backups. Unquestionably, for today this is one of the real must-haves. Backups can save one from the unpredictable crashes. So how can you protect the content of your WordPress website? The answer is simple. Today there are many tools that provide you with backup functionality. For example, there is a plugin ‘WordPress Backup to Dropbox’, which, by the way, is free. Thus, make sure that you have found something up to your taste.

What Should You Do When You Have a White Screen?

To start with, everyone who uses Windows knows this scary blue screen of death. Well, WordPress users can also tell you many creepy legends about the white one. So, seeing a white screen instead of their websites, the beginners are usually shocked. Undeniably, the worst thing is that there is no error message, so you have no idea what is going on.

Basically, white screen means that your online project has gone offline. Therefore, your browser can’t find it and shows an empty screen. To fix this WordPress problem you have to:

  • Increase the memory limit as it was described before.
  • Disable all your plugins and turn them on again one by one. You already know how one can do it, so go ahead!
  • Use a default theme for your WordPress website.
  • To finish with, you need to enable debug mode.

Why Your URLs Look So Weird?

To finish with, let’s talk about the beauty of your WordPress website. Undoubtedly, a winning online project should not simply work properly but look professional as well. Otherwise, your potential customers, clients, viewers or readers will not treat the site seriously. That is why the name of this point is one of the first questions you will have when you start working with WordPress. The thing is that by default your URLs will look like a mix of your post name, its date or id. As a result, the links look messy and chaotic. Still, it is easy to change to name of your URL.

  • Firstly, go to your settings.
  • Secondly, click on ‘Permalinks’.
  • Change the settings to ‘Post name’.
  • Enjoy your links!

These were 9 common problems with WordPress. As you can see, you can fix each of them effortlessly, even if you are not a guru of coding. Without a doubt, WordPress has a lot of things to surprise their users with. Would you like to manage a mobile-friendly online project? You can do it easily! Are you the one, who dreams about a voguish website with Parallax and other trendy visual effects? Are you a creative person, who prefers changing the colors and typography up to their taste? The list of such questions is endless as well as the list of WordPress pluses. To sum everything up, WordPress offers you a huge amount of different things but the fact is that you should be ready to meet any problems. That is why we have made this post. In the end, forewarned is forearmed!

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