10 Main Points to Consider When Buying a WordPress Theme

It’s an open secret, that WordPress design is one of the most popular and user-friendly platforms for different types of websites. Also, it is famous for its ready-made themes, which can turn website creation in a quick and simple process. There is a great number of small business WordPress themes on the Internet, so you can even get lost. So how to choose a suitable one? For this article we have chosen 10 main things that can help you to make a right decision:

1. The domain usage

Almost all commercial templates go together with an unlimited domain usage. This means that you will be able to launch your theme on different websites without paying for it extra. In case you run only one website, this won’t be a problem. But if you want to launch more than one site, you should choose the theme with the unlimited domain usage. Also, you will have an opportunity to install one theme on a domain and create multiple subdomains .

2. Theme updates

When you buy a template, you should pay attention to the update terms. Sometimes, theme developers offer a 1-year support, so you should check it to avoid problems. For example, if you manage a single website, then this way is suitable for you. But you can face the problem, that WordPress upgrades itself and works only with the adjusted templates. So, if your theme isn’t updated to the newest version, your website will become unsecured and your plugins won’t function. Be careful!

3. Technical support

You could need the competent technical support, in case you will face some problems and you will need to recover the website. Also, some templates conflict with additional modules and plugins, so you will definitely need to contact the provider’s support team. Before purchasing a template, check the most important points. At first, check the support period of the provider. If it is limited, you should know that you will have to pay for the further updates and professional help.

Then, look through different forum pages and look whether the users are getting clear responses. It is possible, that you will have to create your own account, but it is worth it. Read the customer’s reviews on the official provider’s website to understand whether it’s reliable or not. Also, it is recommended to check the template’s documentation and read all the information carefully to get exactly what you want. And finally, try to find sample data demo, which you could install to a website to see its visual design together with the content.

4. Additional features

If you want to create a perfect website for your online projects, you should decide which type of template you need. Otherwise, you will get lost in plenty of business WordPress themes and buy something unnecessary. Think about the features you need and create a list to choose the appropriate template for your future website.

At first, pay attention to page builder and additional modules, that can improve the functionality of your website. Also, many responsive WordPress themes have Google Web Fonts integration that will make your website look familiar for your customers. Besides, you should consider using booking appointment and calendar to ease your work. Also, it is recommended to choose an editable template with multiple layout options, so that you will be able to change its visual design and make your website individual.

5. E-commerce compatibility

In case you own a store, you should try an eCommerce compatible theme for WordPress. Such templates have a shopping cart, wishlist, and compare, payment options integration, and useful contact forms. Some of them also have an online chat, which will ease the communication with your clients. Also, you should choose a visually appealing layout to attract new customers.

6. Search engine optimization

Obviously, search engine optimization is necessary for a profitable online project. So, you should choose a SEO-ready template, in order to build a flourishing business and make your website the first one in search top results. Also, search engine optimized themes are lightweight and load quickly, so it will be user-friendly and please your customers. Moreover, all these features will make a great influence on your website’s traffic. And therefore your revenue will rise.

Besides, you should have an opportunity to write your own meta description. This way, you will be able to adjust your website to the search engines requirements and proceed quickly.

7. Responsive design

As a future website owner, you should know that all search systems put the mobile-friendly web pages on the top of the ranking list. Furthermore, Google search engines check a mobile-adjusted version firstly, and then a full one. Also, responsive design will give all users an opportunity to use your website with the help of their mobile devices. This way, you will get a better ranking and expand your audience together.

8. Translation options

If you work in multi-language sphere or just want to build a website not in English, consider buying a theme with translation support. Also, you can try one of the business WordPress themes, which have 5 most popular languages built-in.

9. Social media integration

As you can see, social media gain more and more popularity each day, so it is the best way to advertise your projects and attract new visitors to the website. That is why social integration is so important. So, if you want to get a great number of views, pay attention to social media factor. Also, you will give the clients an opportunity to share your posts, write comments and log in with their social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

10. Prices

Finally, one of the most important point you should check is the price. In general, WordPress themes cost $50-$100 and have different features. To decide, which template is the most suitable for your website, you should think about its functions and choose the reasonable offer. Think how many projects you have and how many templates you need. If you have a single website, one high-quality theme will be enough. In case you have more than one website, look for the cost-efficient offers, which give you an opportunity to get a great number of themes for the price of two or three single licenses. This way, you will have a chance to try all of these WordPress templates and choose the best for your web pages.

Also, you should remember to buy templates from the well-known providers like TemplateMonster etc. In this wise, you will save your time and money, and get a worthy theme without any issues. As can be seen, all these 10 points are quite simple, so you will be able to choose an effective template without any great effort. Now, you know the basic features that can influence your success. So you can start your online business right off the bat. Just make the first step!

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